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Why your website is not ranking on the first page

You must have been trying for months to rank yourself on the first page of Google. But you are still not getting the results you were expecting. Doing everything by the book is one thing but getting the results is another. You may have created several backlinks or even created a PBN (private blogging network) but you might have overlooked one most important thing. And unless you take care of it, you cannot rank yourself.

Most important thing for SEO

No matter what people say but the most important thing for SEO is your content. Also creating a PBN is not advisable. It is a black hat technique and Google hates it. If Google found out, your rank will collapse to the bottom and it will penalize you as well.

Why Content is important

Google’s algorithm RankBrain is quite famous now. Most of people have heard about it but very few people actually know about it. This algorithm notes the dwell time of visitors on your webpage for a particular keyword. You might know that other than your principal keyword, you can rank for other keywords as well. But if your data is not relevant to that keyword people would leave your site instantly. RankBrain notices it and drop your ranking for that keyword.

What should you do to make the visitors spend more time on your site?

You need a great piece of content if you want people to stay on your site for long. That’s why your content is the most important factor in SEO.

Take help from an agency

If you want to expand your business overseas, you must consider taking help from an SEO agency. If you search for seo agency bangkok, you will find lots of great agencies near you. You can arrange a meeting or talk with them on call. Select the one that you will find best for your business regarding SEO.

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