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Things To Consider When Buying Two Way Radios For Your Warehouse Business

Two way radios are necessary when you’re trying to run a warehouse business. However, choosing what type to purchase can also be quite challenging. Below are top aspects to look into while shopping for your two way radios. You should talk to two way radio service providers about these things.

Radio type

While shopping for radios, you’ll notice that there are UHF and VHF radio types. As a rule, you should always choose UHF radios because these can generally go through concrete walls and steel. You need two way radio service providers who can ensure unhindered communications for you and your team while you are in the warehouse.


As the flooring of your warehouse will most likely be concrete, you need radios that are durable. You should look into military-grade ones. They’re going to be costlier than lightweight models, but at least you won’t have to worry about replacement needs if your crew accidentally drops it on the floor.

Long battery life

Ideally, the battery life of your radios should be longer than one shift. This way, there is no need to change batteries in between shifts. In line with this, you should also invest in multi chargers so you can ensure that you have full batteries for each shift change.


If you have a big warehouse, you will also need radios with multi-channel functionality. This way, you can radio different people from one spot in case you need something from them.


The range of your two way radio would depend on the size of your warehouse. Small warehouses would need PMR446 or stronger radios. If your warehouse is on the big side, it’s best to invest in a powerful 5-watt model.


Sometimes, no matter how strong your radio is, there will be dead spots in your warehouse. Look into repeater options. This should solve the problem of dead spots so you can communicate with your crew from any area of your warehouse. You should also look into interstate coverages in case you need to use the radios at another location.

WIFI connection

You may also want to invest in more updated IP-capable radios. These can connect to the internet and, much like IP calling, could be more efficient means to communicate with your crew while you are inside the warehouse. Some things to consider if you have an IP-radio though will include internet speed and reliability. Is your Internet provider reliable enough to give you connection at least 98% of the time you are in operation?

If the Internet is cabled in, is it fast enough to support all the radios connected to it? Warehouses have thick roofs and they will most likely block most mobile signals. Your crew will have to connect to your server to use this. Another thing is security. As you will be communicating online, you need to install a strong firewall so your data won’t be hacked.

Things to remember

Get the most out of what you will be paying for when you look at two way radio service providers. Do not be blinded by low monthly rates. Look at the radio models they are offering you. While you do not have to purchase the top tier radio models, it’s good to choose ones that will make things easier, not harder, for your operations.

If you are looking for the most trusted two way radio service providers, check out Tidewater Communications today. Let’s talk and we will give you the best radio that’s perfect for your needs.

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