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Overwatch How To: Flankers

In this video, you could see how Linkzr from Houston at Genji is using the shortest flank route in order to get to the enemies as quickly as possible. He has his ultimate, Dragonblade, ready and he will definitely use it well. This is an awesome example of how even a little different approach to the enemies could turn the whole fight.

At the next fragment of the video, we could see how Saebyeolbe is showing the best flank you could ever see. He is blinking into the enemies as Traces while the teammates are buying him some time to show the best he could. This route was not sneaky at all, but the job was done and that is the only thing that must bother you.

And the last, but not the least example is showing how Jack is trying to flank opponents as Tracer but make one little, but a critical mistake – he had one of his abilities on cooldown. While you are getting behind enemies it is a crucial thing – to have every escaping ability off-cd and to watch for the cooldowns of enemies. You could see how Jake enters a closed room with Ana and Zenyatta, while Ana’s Sleeping Dart was available. The result is simple – Ana is putting him to sleep, while Zen is charging his balls. Do not think that it is hard to hit enemies with the sleeping dart, at the professional scene such a move is a common thing. Always keep your attention to the abilities before diving.

In Overwatch, there are a ton of interesting things that must be considered to be good at flanking, but still, you will need a hundred practice hours to know how to act in various situations in every game. Almost every game will be unique and you will not be able to find the 100% working pattern, following which you will always obtain the best possible results, according to boosters from┬áthis will never work. Remember that Flanking is not a strategy, it is just a method that must be used on certain heroes to increase their efforts to the game’s outcome.

To master the flanking skill you need to spend at least 25 games in the real matches, please use quick games for training, do not ruin games for your possible allies who are willing to win the game. With practice, you start to notice little details that were hidden under the veil of shadows before, like when your allies will be ready to dive, or when enemies will have their key abilities on cooldown. Always keep your eyes open and look for different flanking paths and never use them twice in a match. You need to keep enemies distracted, but if they will expect you from this certain direction, you will never meet the results you are expecting.

Dive from sides, dive from above, dive from behind. But always make sure that you will not die and always look for an opportunity to quickly kill somebody. Only with such an approach, you will be useful for your team! Remember that flankers is a dynamic class that is extremely fun to play, but you need to keep in mind a ton of useful information.

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