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LED Lane Lighting: What You Need To Know

LED rail lighting is specially designed for the commercial sector. In stores, we want to highlight certain elements or points, and it is true that in stores, the aspects of attention are constantly changing. In this case, the LED rails light bulb (หลอด ไฟ which is the term in Thai) offer flexibility since they have the advantage of being able to adapt to the need we have at that time.

The rails allow the mobility and modularity of the spotlights: we can move them wherever we want or, for example, continue adding spotlights with the power or opening angle we need.

Characteristics Of Lanes For Shops In Any Commercial Sector

  • Among the characteristics of the LED track lights, we can highlight:
  • The high color rendering index they have,
  • The right opening angle to focus the light on certain points,
  • The anti-glare elements to avoid inconvenience in the customers of the establishments

How to measure lane focus quality

We have to look at the power factor. That’s where the key is. The power factor tells us about the quality of electronics. In a large majority of lanes with an integrated LED, we will see a factor of 0.90 and 0.95. This means that it has a very good quality just like the factory lamp (โคม ไฟ โรงงาน which is the term in Thai), regarding electronics or so that they understand us better, it is telling us that the power supply or driver is of excellent quality.

The Price And Quality Ratio

Quality is paid, and the difference from one model to another can be seen with the naked eye. The cheapest lights will give us optimal performance with the best price.

But before buying a rail spotlight, we must take into account certain elements:

  • The daily work performance they will support,
  • If in the area where we live or have our business, there are often ups and downs of tension,
  • And if the rail light has a protection system installed

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