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How To Protect The Electronic Equipment Of My House With An Inverter

In the event of an electrical disturbance, your valuable electronic and digital equipment – more and more numerous – is vulnerable. A storm and these are all your vacation photos, your programming on your various equipment, your current progress on your video game consoles, or the time set for your electronic equipment that could disappear. What you do not know can -be not, it is that there is a simple solution to protect your installation: an inverter.

An Inverter, What’s The Point? 

Maintain functional Connected Objects Because A Power Failure Can Cause Device Configuration To Be Lost

Several appliances in your home tell you what time it is (oven, microwave, electric clock, etc.), and you must adjust them at each power failure? When transferring your holiday photos to your hard drive, the network jumped, and you lost everything? Did you achieve the highest online score on your game console when the Box stopped working? Equip yourself with an inverter! The inverter protects your connected devices and your Box: the battery takes over in case of power failure. The activity of the device is maintained; there is no sudden extinction that can damage your devices.

Protect Your Data And Ensure A Clean Shutdown Of Your Computer 

During a longer power outage, the sale UPS (ขาย UPS which is the term in Thai) Communicator software will save the data and start the “clean” shutdown procedure of the computer. So, no data loss: saved vacation photos, no reprogramming of devices, and the parts of your game are saved.

Improve The Service Life Of The Equipment, Thanks To The Surge Arrester Function And An Always Optimal Electrical Signal

The AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), located inside the inverter, allows us to adjust the voltage and to provide a stable and quality electric current. The connected electronic devices are sensitive to voltage variations (even small); these variations damage the devices and reduce their life. The use of an inverter improves their longevity.

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