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How to Access the Dark Web in 2020

What is the Dark Web?

We all are well aware of websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube. However, many other popular websites are kept hidden from the general public. This particular space is being referred to as the Deep Web or the Dark Web.

So, it can be said that the Dark Web or the Darknet is a term used for dark web stories or a collection of websites that are available on the encrypted network with the hidden IP addresses. They are not indexed by the traditional search engines and hence are accessed by the special anonymity browsers. 

Now how to access the Dark Web safely?

Tor browsers are one of the main gateways to these Dark Web. Mostly all the internet connection of people around the world is routed through it. Generally, a direct connection to the server of the websites is not preferred, and hence one has to approach via relays. These relays are scattered intently around the globe. Now, since the system is maintained under the decentralized system, some operate at the snail pace while some are powerful and fast.

The easiest way considered to browse in the web pages is by downloading and installing the Tor browser bundle. However, Tor must be accessed using a VPN.

Quick steps

  • Get a Reliable VPN Service

Now, a reliable VPN service will not keep a record of your activity. It should not even leak any user data. At the same time, it must be compatible with the Tor and easily accept Bitcoin payment.

  • Download and Install Tor Browser Bundle

It is important to check that the VPN is running before you start with the downloading procedure. Install the browser after downloading it and click on the “Start Tor Browser” file. Further, a new window might appear on the screen displaying the option of the “Connect” or “Configure” button. Now click on the “Connect” option.

  • Start Browsing Onion Websites

Opening Tor in any computer will be automatically redirected to the search engine DuckDuckGo. It is specifically designed to provide an extra layer of privacy and encryption to the dark version of the web.

Though the dark web is considered to be attractive for illegal activities, it is even being used for good reason. Intelligence agencies or the police even monitor the various terror groups through the dark web. It helps them to find stolen data.

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