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AIS-Top service provider in Thailand

AIS provide the fastest internet in Thailand. According to speed test awards by OOKLA, AIS stands proud at the top position in Thailand. It has been Thailand’s fasted mobile network for 5 consecutive years. The recent analysis was based on 5 million consumer-initiated tests during January to June 2019. The speed score was 19.05.

AIS sim offers many call and internet packages at affordable rates. AIS is not only used by Thais but also AIS is the first preference for tourists. Thailand has become top travel destination because of cheap domestic flights, long haul busses and the hustle and bustle of the city life.

AIS packages and services

AIS provide a very affordable and reliable service called One-2-Call. This is a top-up service that is provides by AIS. One-2-Call SIM does not requirea bank account in Thailand or work permit. If you’re wondering about how to Apply for One-2-Call [สมัครเน็ตวันทูคอล, which is the term for Thai], we will help you out.

You can also go with one-2-call:

One-2-Call gives you some top-up amount that can be used to access mobile data (access the internet), iMessages (If you’re an iPhone user), and SMS. The usage of any service mentioned earlier will be deducted from your top-up amount. This service is also very beneficial for tourists because AIS has the best national coverage in Thailand. If you want to Apply for one-2-call then you can visit AIS website. From a very affordable rate of 120 baht to 850 baht, and a fast internet from 1 Mbps to 6 Mbps, One-2-Call internet provides very attractive packages. If you use the one sim, you can enjoy unlimited YouTube from 0.00-12.00 hours for a whole year and call also watch TV and moves on AIS play. A fan of music? You can also listen to music via JOOX. The total data limit for AIS play and JOOX will be 1 GB. You can always call the 1175 AIS helpline to get more information regarding one-2-call.

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