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Tips to Help Your Smartphone Run Smoothly

If you just got a new Alcatel phone or any other brand, unlock Alcatel One Touch and follow these tips to take care of your phone and prolong its life.

It’s important to clean your phone, dust particles may not be visible, but they get into your phone, even with the use of a screen protector or case. Too much dust can affect your phone’s performance. To avoid this, use a soft cloth with and screen cleaner to clean your screen gently. You can open the case often to wipe off dust.

The following tips are how you can keep your phone operating smoothly:

Streamline and Update Your Apps

Most smartphones include unwanted apps that the manufacturer has installed. These apps contribute to weakening your battery since the running more apps mean shorter battery life. Uninstall or disable any apps you don’t use.

For the ones you make use of, ensure you’re always using the latest version. Apps are frequently updated by the developers, to include new functionalities, reduce resource usage and protect against malware and improve security.

You can either set your apps to automatic update or manually update them yourself.

Use Trusted Sources

Whenever you unlock LG Optim for instance and feel the need to download and install a new app, it is advisable to use your phone’s app store or another reliable app store, like Amazon’s. This is because malware on phones are on the rise; hence the most secured place you can use is the trusted source on your device.

Clear the Cache

When apps are installed on your phone or when you run them, junk files can be left in the cache, consuming memory you may need for other things. It helps to clear the cache frequently. This feature is applicable in both Android and iOS.

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