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The most common advantages of industrial revolution:

The common and the basic advantage of all Industrial Revolution is they increase and modernize the production of goods with each revolution. And this advancement in production line was unbelievable in human history. It has vast impact on standards of living of an individual, as well as the economy of overall country.  It is understood by producing advance and unique product definitely increases standard of living. Long time back people used to travel from one place to another on Camels through desert which takes many months. But now due to the advancement in manufacturing sector the great invention of car has been introduced and travelling from one place to another takes few minutes. Now the question arises how it can improve the overall economy of a country? If a company will invest more in production methods they will generate higher revenue. This high revenues will increase the overall economy of country, as the regulation of money will take place. One of the amazing inventions of industrial revolution is industrial robot that flips the coin completely.

Role of industrial revolution in transportation:

Industrial Revolution is not limited to some specific sectors but it benefits overall manufacturing sectors. Due to the revolution in production line many different tools and equipments have been introduced in order to fulfill different use of daily life. For example, carrying and transfer of goods from one place to another is the most time consuming process. Many tools and vehicles for different products has been introduced that makes transportation easy.

The role of industrial revolution in the field of medical:

Industrial revolution plays an important role in medical field development. As many new instruments has been introduced that are used in laboratories to cure the disease. Industrialization gifted the medical field with different modern tools for example microscope, tubes, injections and many more. This advancement in medical field gifting the new life to many people.

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