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Network Maintenance and Threat Visibility

In today’s current world of technology, there are numerous threats to security on the web. With technology being such a huge part of society, people need to be in the know on how to protect themselves and their loved ones from cybersecurity threats. Many people have the thought that cybersecurity threats will never happen to them, and while they think that they might be right, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. 

What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity Attacks

The number of cybersecurity attacks is growing daily, and becoming more and more sophisticated with each attack. On average, every 39 seconds there is a hacker trying to breach cybersecurity. One in every three Americans will be affected by a cyber-attack each year. It has shown that most companies may not detect major data breaches for nearly 6 months, causing companies’ security to be compromised. The best defense against cybersecurity attacks is to always be informed. As time goes on, cyber-attacks will become a bigger threat. Luckily, there are steps to learn in order to further knowledge and protect everyone from possible attacks.

Threat Intelligence and Key Phases

Something to know about cybersecurity safety is that there are three different phases to adequately leverage the threat of cyber attacks. This is known as threat intelligence. One of the three phases is protection. Protection is the thought that everyone creates a plan to protect themselves from potential attacks or threats. After protection comes detection. This begins once a threat has become noticeable. Hackers may attempt to delete CAM cables in order to camouflage themselves and further cover their tracks. Once a threat is detected, one may need a response, which is the third phase for threat intelligence. There are a number of appropriate responses to a cyberattack, including visiting

Technology is on the rise, and so are hackers. While technology is advancing, hackers are learning other ways to break down cybersecurity and breach privacy. Hackers are smart, but potential victims can be smarter. Being in the know of the three phases of threat intelligence could likely save someone from an attack, or at least prevent an attack from going any further than it might have already.

Recovering from a hack could prove to be rather expensive, complicated, and time-consuming, sometimes even a little disheartening. It is always smart to be in the know and to be prepared for what could turn into a disaster. Figuring out a plan and taking steps for further protection could end up being one of the smartest and most responsible choices that a person could make.

As soon as an attack is detected, IT systems need to be secured, in order to limit the opportunity of the attack to continue further. Notifying authorities will help keep others safe in the event of another attack. Threat intelligence knowledge and practice encompass all efforts to boost security against attacks. Another good tip is to change passwords to something that cannot be guessed by potential hackers.  

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