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How Search Engine Optimization Should Involve Keyword Research And Analytics?

In the internet world today, no business seems to be able to step into the fast growing lane and increase business sales exponentially. No online channel provides fast business grow. But not becoming ready for an online channel such as organic search (or SEO), your business will definitely miss out on even the most common sales opportunities. Small businesses are not like the big companies. Getting the intense help of a professional SEO company to start with can be a great idea.

Professional search engine optimization services that are well-organized into SEO projects can certainly help you optimize your Hong Kong company website and improve your website popularity in major search engines in Hong Kong (including Google, Yahoo, etc). The strategy and approach applied is meant to not only improve the search engine rankings (of your site) and your sales and business outputs. You can also be assisted to discover and embrace proper SEO techniques for your website.

In a well-planned and organized SEO project, extensive keyword research and analysis should be performed even for a website that has been existing for many years in its own industry/market. Often old sites may have neglected the importance of proper on-page optimization which involves customizing of unique pages titles, meta descriptions, and schemes. Providing a great user experience and getting links naturally are two other aspects of doing well with SEO.

For keyword research you will need at least one tool. You can always start with a free tool which is officially offered by Google – Google Keyword Planner which you can find in any Google Ads account. If you find it insufficient, you may consider other free or paid keyword research/suggestion tools out there including SEMrush, etc. The bottom line with the tools is that you will need to identify all the keywords where people search in which these people are the right target audience for your product/website.

Monitoring the progress and growth of the SEO project is vital. The official webmaster tool offered by Google is the Search Console, former known as Google Webmaster Tools. In the tool it reveals the amount of clicks your company site have received from Google organic search. You can even see data including in what positions of the Google SERP that your pages and keywords have ranked. The tool shows you how many times your keywords and/or pages have been searched by users and appeared in the SERP. The best upside is that the tool is free of charge.

Another free tool is Google Analytics which is supposed to be used as a web analytics tool for your HK-based company website. The tool does not show you directly the SEO related data, but the data and insights are more in the scope of your entire company website. With Google Analytics properly installed, you will be able to build a conversion funnel report. The data metrics you will get include the number of conversions (which depends on how you define conversion on your site), bounce rate, average visit duration, pages per visit, and more.



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