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Four Tips to Finding a Dependable Pentesting Company

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We live in an age of cybercrime, where constant data breaches, automated system hacks, and virus attacks are everyday norms. Penetration testing, PCI DSS, and GDPR have become vital considerations for any business regardless of its size. Hence, this means finding the right pentesting service is essential. This post highlights how any business can find the right pentesting service that can meet its needs.

Look for an Incentivized Company

Securing security systems in any company is not as simple as entering into a contract with any pentesting service. It’s much about making sure the company is adequately incentivized to find out loopholes in the company’s systems before hackers do so. Many pentesting firms will charge a flat rate or bill hourly.

However, this is not an incentive or bonus for hours, and the severity of vulnerabilities found. This type of approach is excellent, but it may leave critical loopholes under the rug. Before signing a penetration testing contract with any company, find ways to ensure the firm is incentivized beyond just an hourly or fixed billing rate.

The Company Must be Transparent

Any business owner has a wide range of items to tackle and finding the right pentesting company happens to make it on the list. Hiring a reliable pentesting company means the business owner doesn’t have to go through hours of work alone. Through excellent and dependable reporting, business owners have a clear understanding of the types of testing conducted as well as explicit knowledge of existing company’s systems beforehand.

Besides, they can use such information to share reliable data with the rest of the team. Additionally, an excellent pentesting firm can document the required security and safety protocols in case any security breach happens in the future. Overall, the transparency of the pentests done is crucial in any given circumstance.

Must have a Certified and Expert Team

In any given scenario, company owners need to have explicit knowledge and understanding of the team handling the pentesting. For instance, hired companies may seem professional on the surface, but in the real sense, they outsource their pentesting workforce to subpar contractors. And this may result in insufficient pen-testing. While there is nothing wrong with outsourcing or subcontracting, it’s essential to know how a certified and professional pentesting team from any given company is before signing the contract.

An excellent first impression of qualified professionals is those with university degrees from institutions that offer pentesting courses. Furthermore, this can be paired with ethical hacking certifications like LPT (Listed Penetration Tester), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), and OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional).  All these certifications will prove that a team working on the pen-testing project recognizes the pentest environment and can deliver the required results.

The Company Must Understand the Required Tests

Before choosing a penetration testing firm, it’s paramount to understand the technical expertise and tests required.  Various pen-testing tasks need unique skills and knowledge that will also make a big difference in the overall cost of testing. Once the right penetration testing has been identified, it’s crucial to define which type of pentest framework is required.

The two most common pen-testing environments include:

  1. Grey box test. This test is conducted on the basic knowledge of the pen-testing environment. Its focus is on the security level from a customer’s view with an account. And, this is as per the minimal understanding of the tested environment.
  2. White box tests. These tests are performed with an in-depth understanding of the design, internal structure, and implementation of the company’s tested environment.  


For any company, choosing the most dependable pentesting service is vital. Therefore, every company owner must make a wise decision when it comes to this. A reputable penetration testing team can save any company thousands of dollars by preventing hackers from taking advantage of the organization’s vulnerabilities in advance.

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