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E-commerce carrier: how to choose the most efficient services?

It is not news to anyone that the choice of carrier for e-commerce must be made with great care and caution. After all, the transport service impacts the deadline and conditions in which the product arrives at the consumer’s home, influencing their experience and the possibility for them to buy again. But how do you know which is the best e-commerce carrier? There is no single way to do this. Below, we present a super complete tip.

How to choose a good e-commerce carrier?

The delivery/shipping service plays an essential role for any store. For example, if you deal with auto-parts and want to send the parts to your customers at affordable prices, with safety and 100% incident less delivery, you must choose a professional delivery service provider. What to do if you are looking for the best shipping company to bring the car parts to you from another place? How do you select the professional shipping services? With Shiply, you can easily hire the delivery services for getting those car parts to you. It is up to the carrier to deliver the order on time and in optimal conditions.

Analyze the carrier’s conditions of service

Even if the carrier has been recommended by someone you trust, read the service conditions carefully. There will be explained everything you will need to know during the work flow with the company. Before signing a contract, explain your needs and clarify all your doubts. This type of document usually talks about prices, condition of objects, obligations, responsibilities, claims, and so on.

Check Incident Fees

The carrier service may involve some additional fees, such as collection cost, fuel, return, extra storage time, etc. You need to know all these fees before signing the contract and, more than that, they must be recorded in an email or in the contract itself.

Find out if it offers specialized services

Some carriers have specialized services that can be very important for the work of the virtual store, such as customs restrictions service, possibility of tracking and follow-up, notification by SMS or phone calls to the customer when the delivery date is approaching, etc. The most modern carriers allow the e-commerce manager to monitor the delivery stages.

Know the types of term offered

Remember that the delivery deadline must be met anyway. Unforeseen events do not justify delays. Check all the terms offered by the carrier, as well as the prices for each modality. There are express deliveries, which guarantee that the product will be at the consumer’s address within a day or two.

Pay attention to the structure of the fleet

It seems an exaggeration, but it is up to the e-commerce manager to know the types of vehicles of the carrier, as well as their quantity. But why does it matter? It will have a direct impact on the quality of delivery. Carriers that use outdated vehicles tend to delay deliveries as they are more susceptible to breakdowns. Give preference to companies that have new vehicles.

Negotiate better contracts with carriers

The better you negotiate the price before signing the contract with the carrier, the more benefits you will have over time. Therefore, ask for a quote from several companies and stay on top of the average prices charged by the market. It will give you the opportunity to understand whether the carrier in question has expensive or cheap prices.

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