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Buy Watches in UK

Watches not only symbolize identity, but also reflect the wearer’s taste. Everyone likes different types of watches, including classic, fashionable, sports or innovative. Everyone should choose a watch that suits them. However, watches belong to luxury goods, and the prices of well-known brands are expensive. Many watch lovers will choose to buy watches in Europe. UK has a rich shopping environment and varieties. Therefore, it is good to buy Watch in UK.

London is a world-famous shopping center, where the world’s most advanced, high-end and luxurious brands are gathered. There are many high-end shopping malls in London, the most famous of which are Selfridge and Harrods in central London. These department stores all have famous watch counters with many brands and fashionable styles. They can meet your shopping needs at one stop.

However, the disadvantage is that these high-end department stores cannot bargain, so there is no advantage in terms of price than professional watch shops in UK. If you are very rich, it doesn’t matter. Here are two of UK’s largest and most famous watch shops: Goldsmith and Watch of Switzerland. If you want to buy watches in UK, you must not miss them. Goldsmith is a century-old shop in UK. It is a family specializing in watches and jewelry. Their specialty shops are are distributed in almost all major cities and small town shopping malls in UK. Watch of Switzerland is also a famous watch shop in UK. There is basically a Watch of Switzerland not far from Goldsmith’s chain store. It should be noted that these two watch lines use the same system. If one does not have the watch you need, you don’t need to go to another.

The service of these two watch lines is good. If you want to bargain, there are some skills here. Do not go to watch shops in central London. There are many tourists here and the business is very popular. Generally, shop assistants do not give you room to bargain. You can go to some remote towns or second-and third-tier cities, where you can even find an interpreter to help you bargain.

Judging from the purchase of watches, what you buy in Switzerland is not necessarily the cheapest. In Switzerland, tourists can enjoy a tax rebate of about 7.6% if they shop more than 300 Swiss francs at a time. However, this tax rebate rate is not the highest. Tourists can enjoy a tax rebate of 10% ~ 12% when buying watches in other European countries, such as UK. However, if you buy watches in the United States, you need to raise taxes, but the general price will be lower. Therefore, it is also a good choice to purchase watches at duty-free shops at American airports.

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