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Are vpn services truly private at all?

Keeping yourself hidden from onlookers online is becoming more and more important as the element of online theft and fraud become more apparent. As more users become aware of the dangers of online use there are more vpn services being used, but are they actually private?

Finding the best vpn, or migliori vpn to our Italian readers, can be a tricky task with so many phoney companies online so what can give them away?

Going with your gut

When trying something out for the first time or even meeting someone new, your gut will often give you an indication as to whether it is safe to trust them. The same applies to online services. There’s often something there which makes your gut suspicious and it warns you to stay away.

On most occasions you will be right to listen to your gut. You may not be able to see something wrong in front of you, but perhaps there is something just under your eyesight which you can sense hiding there. Play it safe and avoid any potential threats to your safety.

Look at reviews

Reviews are a great resource to check out when looking for a reliable vpn provider to sign up with. Many companies will tell you anything they think you want to hear in order to get you to sign up with them, meaning there may always be some little details which are incorrect or completely false.

By looking in to reviews for particular companies you can look at details such as whether the conenction speeds are as high as advertised or if their customer service is as reliable as it should be. When paying for a service you expect support and help when you need it, so if you see some reports of poor customer service it may be time to scratch that company off your list.

Check the news

News stories can also provide helpful insights when looking in to the finer details. Many vpn providers claim to be safe and secure but of course like every other business on the planet, there are a vast number of people behind the scenes who may not be as reliable as the service they are providing.

A vpn service will protect your details from onlookers and keep no trace of your current actions in your Internet session, however there are people connected to your vpn provider who will be able to look in to your movements.

This isn’t always necessarily a bad thing as arrests have been made thanks to investigations by teams at vpn companies, however, details can still be noted and sold on to other parties who are up to no good. 

This makes it even more imperative that you do all the research you can to make sure that the people behind the scenes are just as reliable as the company you are looking in to. Don’t rush in to anything and make sure you connection’s truly private.

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